Newport News couple hope their volleyball app is a game changer Our story begins with a husband and wife. He’s good with computers, and she has a passion for volleyball. You’d be forgiven if you assumed that they didn’t spend much quality time together. But Brian and Sanci Hall figured out a way to combine competitive sports and simulation software to create a commercially viable business model. The Newport News couple are the creators of VolleySim, a virtual volleyball training app that helps players and coaches “visualize specific decision-making aspects of the game.” How did two people, who first met while serving with the U.S. Army in Baghdad’s Green Zone, become the owners and designers of a sports training app? It all started when Sanci, a coach for the Peninsula Juniors Volleyball Club, “dragged her poor husband to volleyball games.” Brian sat in the bleachers. He watched the matches. He asked questions: Why does the libero – a defensive player…Keep Reading

In Their Own Words: Emma Keller and VolleySim

  My name is Emma Keller. I’m 14 and grew up in Hampton, Virginia. I am a sophomore at Hampton Christian Academy, volunteer at my church’s Sunday School ministry, and love to read. I became interested in volleyball when I was in the 8th grade (2013) and have played as a middle hitter for my school’s Junior Varsity and Varsity team, as well as for the Peninsula Juniors Volleyball Club. My goal in volleyball: improve my skill for recreation purposes. I don’t plan on playing in college or beyond high school. I just want to play and play well. I found VolleySim through my coach Sanci Hall (founder of VolleySim) and started using the app as a conditioning exercise before the season started. Mainly, I use it during the volleyball season, but occasionally off-season. My favorite part of the app is being able to choose my position on the court. VolleySim…Keep Reading

Meet Our CEO

Sanci is a qualified volleyball coach from the Show-Me state of Missouri, where she was a 3-year high school varsity starter playing middle and outside hitter. As a college freshman, she started as both a right side and outside hitter at Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri. Duty called, and Sanci elected to give up her playing career when she joined the Army ROTC detachment on scholarship at Missouri State University. Her coaching career started while in college, as she spent 3 years coaching 7th graders in a YMCA leagure, and continued at Fort Hood, Texas, as an active duty Army lieutenant. She and her husband Brian have two young children. My earliest sporting memory is me watching my brother player soccer with his friends and thinking “there is too much running to do that sport!” Thankfully, I wised up and found a passion for both soccer and volleyball. My…Keep Reading