My name is Emma Keller. I’m 14 and grew up in Hampton, Virginia. I am a sophomore at Hampton Christian Academy, volunteer at my church’s Sunday School ministry, and love to read.

I became interested in volleyball when I was in the 8th grade (2013) and have played as a middle hitter for my school’s Junior Varsity and Varsity team, as well as for the Peninsula Juniors Volleyball Club.

My goal in volleyball: improve my skill for recreation purposes. I don’t plan on playing in college or beyond high school. I just want to play and play well.

I found VolleySim through my coach Sanci Hall (founder of VolleySim) and started using the app as a conditioning exercise before the season started.

Mainly, I use it during the volleyball season, but occasionally off-season.

My favorite part of the app is being able to choose my position on the court.

VolleySim has trained me to recognize possible hitting spots and angles and how to react quickly and efficiently. It also has shown me less covered spots to hit on the court.

As a result, I am way more confident in myself and in my skills as a player. My coach has also noticed an improvement, noting I have become a better hitter and a better all around player. I would recommend VolleySim to my friends or teammates. It’s a quick way to improve your skills a little each day.