Sanci is a qualified volleyball coach from the Show-Me state of Missouri, where she was a 3-year high school varsity starter playing middle and outside hitter. As a college freshman, she started as both a right side and outside hitter at Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri. Duty called, and Sanci elected to give up her playing career when she joined the Army ROTC detachment on scholarship at Missouri State University. Her coaching career started while in college, as she spent 3 years coaching 7th graders in a YMCA leagure, and continued at Fort Hood, Texas, as an active duty Army lieutenant. She and her husband Brian have two young children.

My earliest sporting memory is me watching my brother player soccer with his friends and thinking “there is too much running to do that sport!” Thankfully, I wised up and found a passion for both soccer and volleyball. My first memory about volleyball: My friends and I (6th grade) heard about the try-outs for the 7th grade team coming up in the fall and we figured, why not. It will give us a way to hang out after school. From the first minute, I fell in love with the game. Having amazing coaches definitely fuelled that passion.

As for my sporting background, it’s strange to think about it now, because I disliked exercise, being outside, hiking, anything like that when I was young. Thankfully that changed. When I moved to Missouri in 5th grade (my dad was in the Army), I tried cheerleading. It was that or basketball and I wasn’t very good at dribbling. I did it one season. Then in 6th grade, I had a very passionate teacher and coach, Mr. Nelson Morgan, who taught world history and was the high school varsity girls’ soccer coach. His passion pushed me toward trying soccer. Then by 7th grade, I joined the volleyball and basketball teams. I managed for the track team in the spring during my 7th and 8th grade year since I knew I would play soccer in the spring once I got to high school. Once in high school, I played volleyball, basketball, and soccer and the last two years I played club volleyball during the spring. I earned 11 varsity letters out of a possible 12. (3 Varsity in Volleyball, 4 in Basketball, and 4 in Soccer).

I’m not really sure how I got into coaching. My mother was an elementary school teacher and I loved helping her out with her classes so once in high school, I would always volunteer to help our head coaches run clinics for the elementary schools. I loved helping them out with sports as much as I enjoyed helping out my mom’s classes. At my senior banquet for basketball, my coach purchased a book for each of the three seniors. The book I was gifted was about Tennessee’s Woman’s Basketball Coach, Pat Summit. I guess Coach Rawlings knew all along I would become a coach.

After my freshman year playing volleyball at Central Missouri College (now, Central Missouri University), I transferred to Southwest Missouri State University (now, Missouri State University) to receive a 3 year Army R.O.T.C scholarship. While completing my degree, I started to coach 7th grade volleyball teams at the local YMCA in Springfield, Missouri.